Festa del Redentore 2019

Safety Information



07.00 pm - Opening of the Thanksgiving Bridge connecting the Zattere to the Church of the Redentore on the island of Giudecca

11.30 pm – Firework display in St. Mark’s Bay


A specific Safety Plan has been developed for the Festa del Redentore 2018. Such plan explains safety measures, behavioral rules and exodus procedures to be followed and performed.

  • Remember that the event you are participating in is a public event with free access to the areas of the historic center of the city of Venice, which has the particularity of connoting itself for its streets "calle" of varying sizes, and for the "fondamenta", which have a free edge facing the canals.
  • Some areas, in particular those of the historic center next to the event, will be subject to access restrictions for reasons related to the non-congestion of the fields and / or viability.


On the land

  • Public areas will be provided with access gates and Security Authorities control.
  • From 7.00 pm inside public areas is forbidden to bring glass containers, cans and other dangerous objects.
  • The above areas are subject to limits of capacity for safety reasons: the access may therefore be blocked and the public diverted in other areas.
  • It’s strictly forbidden to stop inside the corridors and the safety areas. The crossing is allowed only through the signaled passages.
  • One-way streets could be established for pedestrian flow.
  • Adequate prior arrival and placement are recommended.
  • More crowded areas are not recommended for persons with reduced mobility, for people using wheelchairs or strollers.


  • It’s strictly forbidden to moor and stop inside emergency and safety exodus canals; here it’s forbidden the shipping after 10.45 pm till the end of the show too.
  • It’s forbidden to cross the Area of the Fireworks Display after 9.00 pm. The boats coming from the votive bridge could take place only in the areas of competence surrounding it, as well as boats arriving from Grand Canal and st. Mark’s canal.
  • Prior arrival and placement are recommended for boats, with adequate equipment for mooring and safety equipment, as well as a prudent outflow at the end of the event.
  • Please note that the Codice della Navigazione punishes who is driving the boat with excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks.


Green - Good Visibility

Orange - Moderate Visibility

Blue - Low Visibility